Scrappy Ferret is the side project of me, Graham Ranson. My full-time job is coder at Glitch Games, a 2-person micro studio creating Mystlike adventure games.

Glitch has been in business for just shy of a decade and while I love my job, sometimes I feel it’d be nice to be able to work on some smaller projects that maybe don’t need to be quite as polished as the things that bring in the bacon.

That’s where Scrappy Ferret comes in, through this I’ll be releasing small and agile games that maybe are a little disjointed or rough around the edges, but will no doubt ( hopefully ) be fun.

I’ll also be releasing the various code libraries that I create to power these ( the plan is for these to not be rough around the edges, programmer art might be endearing in a game, but poor code in a library is less so )

All of these games will be built using Solar2D so if you’re a user of that you might get some use our of my libraries too, and if not then you really should be a user of Solar2D because it’s great!