Soluna Time

It’s Moon Time!

Designed with my own child in mind Soluna Time will teach children, and adults, when it’s time to wake up and when it’s time to go to bed.

If the moon is up they’ll know it’s time to sleep ( or go back to sleep if they’ve just woken ), and in the morning, at a time chosen by you, the moon will switch to the sun and it’s time to get up!

A better night for everyone means a better day for everyone.


• Teach your child when it’s time to wake up. No more early mornings!*

• Set a single time for every day or set different ones for each to get a lie in on the weekend.

• Minimal styling so it’s not distracting / overwhelming.

• Accurate moon phase display for learning.

• Multiple sounds can be combined for the preferred nighttime soundscape.

• Simple calendar during the day to teach days/months and highlight upcoming events.

• Maths based lock screen to ensure your child can’t change the times. 

• No adverts, no purchases, no tracking.

Version History:

v1.0.4 -  24/02/22 [ Hamilton Build ]
* Added Settings Panel.
* Added 'Fade Out' setting so the soundscape doesn't have to cut out instantly when it's sun time.

v1.0.3 -  21/01/22 [ Center Parcs Build ]
* Better image for New Moon phase.
* Month display now fits better on all devices.

v1.0.2 - 14/12/21
* Improved sizes of schedule buttons.
* Added new sound - Seagulls.
* Added new sound - City.
* Added new sound - Washing Machine.
* Added new sound - Vacuum.
* Added new sound - Heartbeat.
* Added new sound - Womb.
* Improved hotspot for activating/deactivating sounds.
* Tapping on a volume slider will now activate a deactivated sound.
* Adjusted sound positioning to fit more.
* Sounds will now start playing part way through the loop.

v1.0.1 - 12/12/21
* Fixed issue that caused a crash but only on a Sunday.

v1.0.0 - 11/12/21 [ Roxmas Build ]
* First release!